This website marks the end of a writing journey and the beginning of a new one; it is a representation of distillations of ideas. We are all chemists and have rows and rows of bottles of fermenting concepts, bubbling away. I am trying to catch these before they over-fester.

Over the past 4 years I have worked hard to pare back, de-sentimentalise, de-saccharinise and re-form my writing. It has been harder than I thought: my default setting is good language but with garbling, senseless narrative.  I have tried to re-wire this brain, sand down my thoughts and get to the essence – what I really want to say.

This will never be finished; I just try to convey my interpretations of the world.  It has been a soothing, cathartic process which has helped me to come to terms with my thoughts and recognise them for what they are.

Read my blog for opinion, reaction and introspection and click on the other links for examples of my stories, poetry and non-fiction.

I hope you enjoy reading my material!