Don’t worry about what people think. Don’t obsess over whether they saw your side profile and thought you were a disgusting pig, or a witch.  Don’t worry if they saw your tummy and thought you were pregnant.  Don’t eat and then worry, eat and then worry and then continue this ferocious cycle. Don’t worry that she looked at you funny and you felt like you were five years old again. Don’t try to be more intelligent. Don’t not sleep if you say something foolish and make everyone cringe. Stop trying to get every single person to like you.  Your relationships with others aren’t a well-made bed in a 5-star hotel, your relationships should be messy, or they’re not real.

Dull that sound down to a hum.  You can’t forget about a loud noise but you can forget about a hum, can’t you? A hum can become part of your every moment without causing the least disturbance.  Imagine it is a hum. Better still, take yourself out of the equation altogether and imagine you’re just a piece of driftwood floating around in all the crap. Actually, forget that, you’re not just a piece of dead wood.  You are vital, in both senses of the word; nothing works as it should without you. You are indispensable. And full of life; you are the human equivalent of Mexican hot chocolate, unpalatable for some.  But so sweet.

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