I see white, layers of it

White that is grey

White that has a figure behind it

A crushed grey


So white is it that I forget

I am holding my daughter

Black hair folded on a blanched face

We are Mother-Daughter


A pure shield


So scared

Fear takes away my anger

A simple equation

On blank paper


The conflict taking place

With a cream backdrop

Is a piece of theatre


I look at her


All her nightmares have come true

Curled round me

Her face a half-almond


Tears breed from my eyes

Hot things

Salt water on wide white

Bleached beach

In a heart beat


Another simple equation unfurls

Designed to bring back the conviction

That my hand can protect her harmless ivory face

And the other can get us through the mist


An encampment

White capped nurses

A bleached tent


Tenderness in a touch

In the safe breath

Of a deep pause

We have found our luck